A Partial Introduction

There exists two realms in the world of film: 

The “artsy” side: installation films, poetic cinema, experimental film and that weird commercial middle ground wherein huge companies pay interesting filmmakers to do crazy things for promotional videos that never come close to a television set but which actually hold more artistic interest in five to ten minutes than a lifetime of Tyler Perry movies.

Then there are narrative films, of course, which run the gamut from thought-provoking well- and sometimes strangely told stories to the tritest, most predictable (oftentimes big-budget) pap that Hollywood can turn a profit on. And everything in between, of course. 


What would we get if people really started experimenting with narrative in ways that are neither “Indiewood” nor Brakhage-esque? 

I’m not looking for patterns in movies. I’m looking for where the patterns break down (and preferably do it well, though that’s its own can of worms). 


"Almosting" is a portmanteau, as in "almost being," "almost understanding," or "almost doing." We’re not doing anything here, let it be known. But we’re almost doing something. 


In the end, what negative or positive lessons can we take away from weird art?