Can't Wait to Get Some "Creative Control"

Six or seven years ago I worked on a pretty mediocre art film shoot with a great crew of guys, among them the hilarious sound recordist, Micah Bloomberg. Micah and I traded off early versions of scripts. He was working on a triptych of hilarious one-act plays. So I'm absolutely thrilled to see Micah has penned his SECOND feature film that just premiered at SXSW called Creative Control. (His first was Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, which was excellent, beautifully shot, and beautifully acted and rightfully won the Special Jury Grand Prize at Tribeca.) 

Not to mention that Micah's new feature was directed by Benjamin Dickinson, who also directed First Winter starring Williamsburg's most famous yoga instructor. 

And this excellent music video for one of my favorite living humans!