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I’m really interested in adapting this idea to a screenwriting class.

What if we used poetry writing workbooks or Ivan Brunetti’s Cartooning: Philosophy & Practice or improv acting or whatever we can grab from other narrative art forms to jump-start our screenwriting?

This would bear more interesting fruit than doing what any guru might tell you when starting a script: watch a lot of movies in your genre.

Does that advice make you want to punch something? 

Maybe adapting a plotless avant-garde play, like Old Fashioned Prostitutes, on which I’ll write more later?

Or stealing the structure of a strange novel or collection, like how might one film Queneau’s Exercises du Style, in which the same tale is told 99 times in wildly differing styles. Robert Altman’s Short Cuts, a film of nine intertwined stories (and one poem) culled from the oeuvre of Raymond Carver made such a bold leap.

Can anyone else think of an interdisciplinary approach to finding new in-roads to screenwriting?